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LAL Scholarship Journey


It is an innovative mentoring service for students interested in international scholarships.

In partnership with LAL Language School (Cape Town, South Africa), we aim to maximise your chances of success in your academic goals. The programme offers two parts:

1. High-level English language training, directing you to the knowledge and fluency in the language for a confident scholarship application on an equal footing with other international students.

2. Participation in a one-to-one mentoring programme where we will analyse your specific needs (your goals), your academic and professional profile and develop a bespoke action plan.

English Course

Can be done face-to-face in Cape Town, or remotely. The length of the course will depend on your English level and the level required for the intended scholarship application and course.

How does one-to-one mentoring work?

We work with strategies to improve your application for courses abroad and scholarships.

Some subjects covered:

Guidance on the various categories of international scholarships available
Guidance in your application process
Revision of your CV
Proofreading your statement letter
Organisation of an application planning/calendar
Interviewing training, if required
Video/telephone calls to discuss specific points regarding your application
Guidance for scholarships and courses compatible with your academic and professional purposes
Prevention against fraudulent scholarship offers, scams and fake schools.

Please note that we do not provide or prepare research projects or academic essays.


LAL Language School: fees to be agreed with the school, depending on the teaching method (face-to-face or distance learning) and the length of the course. However, the school will have a special price for applicants on this programme (discounts).

Mentoring: programme fees start from £300 (payment methods to be agreed with the student).

Our guarantee:

If you are unsuccessful in the programme you have applied for, UK Student Solutions will

1. Advise you on applying to other scholarship programmes available

2. We will also help you apply as a private student to UK Student Solutions’ partner schools and universities, subject to the institutions’ approval.

We have developed the contents of the UKSS & LAL Scholarship Journey language and mentoring programme especially for you.

We work to make you achieve the English level required to study abroad, understand how to apply the tools and methods we will teach you and increase your chances of being approved for scholarships at major universities and research centres worldwide.

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