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Who We Are

Director - UK Student Solutions

Veronica Martire

Director – UK Student Solutions

Our Team

Meet Veronica Martire, the director of UK Student Solutions Ltd

Veronica has accumulated over 20 years of experience in administration and education, both in the public and private sector, in Brazil and in the UK.

She is an Education Consultant, having worked extensively in the international education industry, with expertise in government scholarship management. She supported students sponsored by government agencies and private companies such as SONANGOL E.P, Total France, Maersk Oil, Soco International and the Angolan Ministry of Petroleum, among others – providing services for more than 2,000 students over approximately 200 education providers in the UK, including universities, independent colleges and language schools.

She has also worked as a representative for a number of language schools for the Brazilian and European market.

Veronica has launched UK Student Solutions as a unique consultancy, aiming to promote international education and solutions at affordable prices to its customers, enabling them to grow academically, professionally and personally through their programmes and schools. 

Originally a History graduate and a trained teacher from Brazil, Veronica also holds a Master’s degree and an MBA from British Universities and is an accredited member of The Society of Education Consultants in the UK.

Our mission

UK Student Solutions Limited (UKSS) is an education consultancy company, offering professional advice and support for students and professionals looking to study abroad. It aims to facilitate the access to language and high level education to youngsters and adults from all over the world intending to study in an Anglophone environment. UKSS aims to provide a new approach to the traditional UK international education industry, promoting quality, affordability, and development and nurturing to every student, helping them to achieve personal growth, and their academic and career best.

Our vision

Our vision is to build an educational consulting brand that will become recognisable by assisting students to achieve personal development and making aspiring, well informed and broad minded choices about the way they will lead their future lives. Our vision will reflect our values: integrity, service, excellence and transparency.

Our ethos

  1. Our principles are based on transparency and accurate information ensuring the client knows exactly what services they are buying and paying with no extra or hidden costs.
  2. UK Student Solutions is accredited by the Society of Education Consultants (SEC) Quality Assurance Service is to ensuring that our company and our clients have access to services that are: mutually beneficial, manageable, cost effective and instrumental in sustaining professional quality. SEC Core Principles specify a commitment to maintaining high standards of personal conduct and integrityand advancing the professional standards of education consultancy. Moreove, the SEC Quality Assurance processes reflect and uphold a Code of Practice which is pre-eminent in its field, honed from almost 25 years of application.
  3. UK Students Solutions is committed to the Statement of Principles for the Ethical Recruitment of International Students by Education Agents and Consultants – (known as the ‘London Statement’), in order to ensure educational institutions and client that the best practices in education agent management are put in place and will deliver the best outcome for the company and out international student.